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We at Rage Tail would like to thank you for visiting our website and Blog.  We are an awesome team and this is exactly what our blog is about, to interact with existing and new ideas on the uses of Rage Tail products as well as keeping our finger on the pulse of the soft plastics market so that we can LEAD the industry in action, innovation, quality and fish catching performance.  “Now that’s a mouthful, but that’s what a big-headed bass says when he has a mouthful of Rage Tail slapping him in the face all the way back to the boat.”

I really appreciate all of you and your comments and I take every detail of information that you provide and process it for meeting future needs in design, manufacturing etc., so your comments and info are invaluable.

Most Rage Tail baits are now packaged in a new protective hard plastic clamshell.  This was designed to ensure the integrity and action of each and every bait in the package. There are also now tear-tabs on legs, tails or extremities on many of the new designs to help maintain the shape of the baits throughout manufacturing, so that they are as close to perfect as possible when you put them on a hook. These additional processes are vital, as Rage Tail is stepping it up in the soft plastics industry.

“Whatever it takes to Guarantee the client will receive our very best effort.”

Thanks to all of you,
Big O
(Steve Parks)
Rage Tail Designer